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In order to view your bills or to make payments online you need to log in to your account by providing your user Id and password in log in section. A unique email address is necessary for us to manage your payments. There are some common errors which members usually make in order to view or pay bills. Those errors should be avoided to make a smooth process of payments. Some of the common causes of errors with solution is given below.

Email address is Incomplete

If you have registered member of but you forgot to enter your contact email address then you will not be able to view and make payments online. You will have to add your email address before processing your payments because this email address will help us to manage your payments online. Moreover your email address should be valid and current because you will get confirmation emails regarding view and payment of bills at

Provide Invalid or incorrect information in paid bills


This is the most common cause through which users suffer a lot. Those member who are using credit or debit card to make payments sometimes they provide incorrect information about card number, expiration date and even about security code due to which they didn’t access to their payment section. So, if you are making payments through electronic check make sure that you have entered right account number and other details.

Account Type with limited access or Restriction

There are two types of account one is Account holder and other is Authorized users. Account holder are primary users whereas authorized users are secondary users due to limited access of secondary users you are not able to view transaction of payment.

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