Garden State Utility Asks For Voluntary Restriction


Water supply in New Jersey has been restricted because of the dry summer due to which instruction have been given to few residents of Garden State that the water should be spared and they should not use the water extravagantly for their plants and trees.

Residents of New Jersey have been asked to preserve the water voluntarily by United Water which has 3 reservoirs beside the Hackensack River makes a combined capacity of 45 percent. Water controlling measures have been imposed by Allendale authorities which are sterner and stress has been made by them on the well system of the town and those 4 towns which are being served by the water system of Ridgewood have the obligation of conserving the water for next few weeks.

The target of the United Water is to minimize the outdoor watering, mainly sprinklers. A spokesperson from the United Water, Steve Gousmith the cause of this voluntary restriction of the use of water from the consumers is necessary because in the near future, no forecast for rain is seen.

Almost 50 percent of the water consumption for a home is done in the watering of lawn therefore its use can be cut down. We must focus on our needs rather than using the water too much. We can back to the normal routine as soon as we get some rain and after that grass will also be grown.


Demonstration of the conditions has been done by David Robinson who is the climatologist of the state of New Jersey. According to him, the flow of stream is very low, ground water is less and the rainfall has not been at the level which should have been. All of such things have become the cause of the temperature to get low and all such conditions have put them in trouble and caused them to make a situation in which customers have to face some difficulty as well and they need to cooperate with the authorities.

The challenges which have been faced by New Jersey currently are not confined to the problem of supply but another issue is of the old infrastructure of water that is a big concern for the authorities but lack of funds is the hurdle that comes in their way. Almost $8.40 Billion are required by the state to transform this water infrastructure into the new one that is modern and can bring man changes but it is not an easy task for them in the current situation.

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