A big portion of the pilot program would keep its work continue for the training of the local mechanics.

The sensor will transfer the original data to the fund under certain conditions. The charity program is planning to do testing of random technologies for different countries, depending on their type of well.

Water will get 5 million grants from Awards of Google, so that it can provide clean and usable storage for the world and to the area that are at a far distance.

The non-profitable group that provides water to people in this progressing world is having chances to get the installation of 4000 low price remote sensors. The sensor will transfer the original information to the fund and its donor on the terms and flow of water at a specific well.


The founder of the charity water whose name is Scott Harrison did the announcement of a new plan at the conference in Paris.

He told the new channel that 4000 is a wild target to achieve by the end of this New Year, but our goals are always challenging and great. We will keep the target of Ethiopia, Nepal and a number of Asian countries that are in list but their names are not decided yet.

It is not enough that we are aware about the location of the well. More data is required to establish if the wells are operating or if they need any kind of maintenance.

A big portion of this program is having the planning of carrying it further for the training of the local mechanics for the management of the water supply which is a mission for the charity.

Harrison told that we wanted to do the best job of making use of technology and training the local mechanics to make sure the positivity of the work and make it all good for the progress of our project.

This group started its work in Uganda and doing the installing of wells in the camp area. Since the day of its starting, this project gave charity for almost 6700 projects in different countries.

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