In an essential development for releasing the AWWA’s vision WIFIA (Water Infrastructure Finance & Development Act), the spending legislation for the fiscal year of 2015 including the funding for the WIFIA (Water Infrastructure Finance & Development Act) program. That was approved by the United States House senate committee the passing Tuesday.

The legislation is needed to be put in front of the Full House and the Senate for the votes, and then to be signed by the president Obama in order to get effective by law.

So, it now requires the voting from the Full House and the Senate members, and then to be signed by the president.

Although the WIFIA (Water Infrastructure Finance & Development Act) part of this compilation bill doesn’t includes the funding for the project loans, but it provides the total $2.2 million that has been authorized by the congress this year earlier for the United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in order to set the WIFIA program.


According to the reports, the Congress believe that the WIFIA (Water Infrastructure Finance & Development Act) program is just great and the new idea and by providing the funding for this program they have showed that they have a firm believe in this program.

Some other highlights of the water community taken from the omnibus bill that includes the following information:

Funds for the wastewater SRF and drinking water programs at the previous year’s levels – $907million for the drinking water and funding of $1.45 billion for the wastewater (minimum 20 percent, but below the 30 percent of the total funds are going to be utilized for the additional loan grant techniques).

The funding to facilitate the Public Water System Supervision subsidy plan (the grants in order to assist the Safe Drinking Water Act) at the previous year’s level of the $101.9 million.

There is a rescinding of the $40 millions that is permanent in the unobligated balance form from State and the Tribal Assistance Grants.

There is a funding of $12.7 million for the competitive grant plans for the non-profit in order to provide the technical assistance to improve the quality of the water for the urban and the rural communities or the owners of the private wells.

From the office of Administrator and office of the Congressional Affairs, there is a withholding of the significant funds till the Congress will receive the overdue reports.

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