Free Water Made Available By The California City


Fresno city has launched a program through which water is given free to the residents. This program has provided relaxation to the people in the drought affected area where residents were following strict restrictions. Residential fill stations were remained open during the summer which helped the residents to use the water for irrigation purpose and for that they did not have to pay anything. City has taken a good step for the residents s they are the ones who have the right over recycled water to use it and fulfill this need.

Water officials have made possible the use of recycled water for the residents as well as businesses who can avail this opportunity by having a bunch of five-gallon plastic bottles. Water has been extracted by the wastewater treatment plants and now is being provided to the residents and businesses so that the city can cover what it could not provide its residents for the long time.

The origination area of the water is at a sewer farm which is around eight miles west of downtown which has an aquifer that has built up quite a load over the decades. That is an issue for the consumers, water experts gave this problem a thought and tried to figure out the solution and made a plan to create ease for the residents.

According to the plan, separate fill stations were to be built for residential and commercial users on a protected back lot and then for the registration and the education of the customers, a proper and complete process was to be developed and then the water which was treated should be extracted from the aquifer and the pressure on the aquifer was to be released by giving the treated water away.


Authorities are providing the water free but there are some regulations in the provision of water as well. Not everyone can get the free water rather you must be the resident of Fresno-Clovis metropolitan area. Customer identity card is must for everyone to get the water and there is another condition that water should be drawnaway by the consumers themselves.

The city lacks delivery infrastructure and needs improvements in there is a lot of effort required to take the water from the station. Customers would always want to have maximum amount of water so that the effort which is required in that must be made worth.

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