Free Shipping For The Staples Reward Members


The Staples, Inc is the best American company which offered its customer the variety of products and free shipping facilities. The customer needs to be the member of this company to avail the best membership programs. Since 1986, the company has facilitated its members and the unregistered customers with the best quality of office products like furniture, IT consulting services, hardware best technologies and others. The company has 3856 stores around the world which are providing equally efficiently and effectively services to all their customers.

Our Special Members

The company offered its customers with the variety of membership programs. There are base members, premium and plus members with different beneficial plan programs they are getting from the company. As the membership level increase, the customers could get much more attractive features on their membership card. The basic difference is the percentage rate of the cash back on every purchase which member performed on the third party website as a company member. The additional charges are not applied, the items purchased by the members from the third party website. The additional charges like a postage stamp, taxes, delivery charges, post paid calling card charges and others.

Other Benefits


Beside the additional charges emission and the percentage cash return on the every purchase made by the company. The customer who is the member of the company could get the free shipping facility provided by the company to its members. It means that this special member when order their products or items which they purchased on the company online website, then there would be no shipment charges could be paid by them. It is free of cost for the members only who hold the company membership. To avail this service, the members need to inform customer representatives of the company with their reward number during the order of their items.

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