Frankfort’s Village awarded for the Operational Efficiencies that they achieved by the Mi.Net™ System and by the Meter Replacement!


As the water concerns are growing up in the California and the parts of the USA, the historic drought is hitting the country badly and causing some scenes where wells are drying up in some parts and the thieves are seen somewhere stealing the water from the fire hydrants.

In the middle of all such discussions and the concerns, the officials of the Frankfort Village decided that they should involved in the process of changing/replacing the water and electric meters and they planned to put into practice the AMI network that is an advanced metering infrastructure in order to promote the operational efficiencies for the village’s electric and the water infrastructure in order to improve the safety for the employees, the energy and water conservation and the customer services – while, also in attempt to reduce the operational costs as well.

The attempts to do the things that they were looking for improving the overall operational efficiencies by employing the new strategy and tactics proved good as they have won the award for the operational efficiencies by using the new Mi.Net™ System and also by replacing the old electric and water meters in the village.

The village, in order to achieve the efficiency targets, they turned to the Cleveland, the NC-based Mueller Systems that is a subsidiary of the Mueller Water Products Inc. And, it is also a top provider of the innovative water infrastructure products/services and the new and technologically superior metering system for the electric, water and the gas systems.


The new Mi.Net Mueller Infrastructure Network for the Utilities™ was chosen to put into practice by the officials that is a two way advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system that is developed by the Mueller Systems and the system is fully automated from the meter reading to the billing process and it links the meters, the distribution sites, and the control devices all in a solitary data network.

The entire process of correctly determining the figures that how much the electricity and the water usage by the customer is automated with the help of the major components (those works together) of the Mi.Net System.

The system is handling the data correctly for the any time period and that is allowing the Village to correctly bill the users/customers for their use.

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