Fracking not a widespread risk to drinking water, U.S. EPA finds


Fracking which is a technique used to open the rocks to extract the oil and natural gas. Fracking is a process in which earth is drilled down and injection of sand, water and chemicals is done through that drilling. The ultimate result is the extraction of oil and gas. Fracking has been criticized that it has become a cause of pollution and it contaminates the drinking water, therefore, health of many people is at risk due to it. However the study has been done and showed that fracking can only be dangerous if the fluids which are used during the process leaked into the water table. Proofs had been tried to be found so that criticism on fracking can be reduced. One of the evidences was the search of water contamination cases and the number of wells which had been fractured hydraulically. The comparison of both of these resulted that there very few cases of contamination of as compared to the fracking of wells.

The benefits of fracking include the boom of the domestic energy. Administration working under the president Barack Obama reinforced that fracking process to make the country self-sufficient in the energy. This support from the management led to the prosperity in the energy sector which signified the importance of fracking in this sector. Many researches has been done in the past by the Energy Department and U.S Geological Survey which were support by the studies made by EPA whose results guaranteed the “continuous safety improvements”.

Amy Mall on the other hand, a senior analyst at the Natural Resources Defense Council says that the study which is done by EPA lacks the complete scientific understanding as it does not give all the information about the risk which could create more severe effects. According to vice president, Mark Brownstein. There is not only a single risk of fracking which everyone is criticizing but also the amount of waste water has been increasing and that should be thrown away or measures should be taken to inject in back into the earth.

The increasing criticism on the fracking and the way opponents explained its risk caused the governor of the New York to ban fracking but Republican, Chris Collins asks the governor to rethink over his decision and puts the ban away so that the state can benefit of the job opportunities which were created by the fracking and the economic growth through it.


EPA also said that the study which it has made needs to be reviewed again by the government and local communities who are against the fracking. The review of report would help them to know that how well and in the best possible way the health of the public can be secured and the report is only a draft which would be completed in the next year with better findings.

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