Fracking Chemicals May Destroy Reproductive Health


A latest research have been done on the fracking which showed that the reproductive health of the males may hurt because of the chemicals used in the fracking process. The exposure of humans as well as animals to the potential oil and gas operation chemicals resulted in the adverse outcomes for their reproductive health.

The focus of the study was on the reaction of mice when it got the exposure to the chemicals before birth. It was exposed to such chemicals which were used in the fracking process and few more phases of the production of natural gas. It was disclosed in the research that due to the exposure of male mice in the womb to the mixture, development of enlarged testes and reduced sperm counts are possible.

In the study, 24 chemicals were tested by the scientists which include toluene, bisphenol A and benzene. The mixture of these was administered to the mice during the pregnancy period the objective of which to observe that what changes it brings to the male babies. The chemical levels were reflected to which humans are exposed from the wastewater or the drinking water filled with contamination of the fluids of fracking.

Study showed that the natural functions of the androgens, estrogens and more hormones were disrupted by 23 chemicals out of them. The functions which were the part of that are important for the healthy and well development of the sex organs and the fertility.


The importance of the findings have been explained by Professor Susan Nagel who is the lead author of the study. She said that this is the first study which tells about the EDCs (Endocrine-disrupting chemicals) used at the realistic level in the fracking and humans are exposed to them along with the animals. Some adverse results have been found on the reproductive system of the mice and the expectations are that the men who live in the areas of the production of oil and natural gas are going to be affected with them.

The experimentation was done by taking the samples from the wastewater from the fracking sites that are located in Garfield County, Colorado. The samples showed the presence of 16 chemicals while more chemicals were added and a mixture of total 23 chemicals was prepared for the tests.

According to the claim from the environmentalists, the resources of tap water are contaminated by the fracking process but recently the decision in favor of fracking was given by the EPA that made the supporters glad. No evidences were found which showed that the mechanisms used for such thing caused any dangerous impact on the resources of drinking water.

The energy sector is in favor of the fracking which calls it a safe mechanism while the fracking is supposed to be major threat of contamination according to the environmentalists. The research has been critics as well by those from whom the fracking had got support.

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