Florida May Be Hit By New Water Policies

The new water policy legislation is very close to finalize to be swept after a discussion regarding this measure which has been hindered for months. It has been a very long debate over the issue and now finally the expectations are that the difference of the policy are going to be resolved now.

There were some policy differences which were not being resolved which is the reason why the legislation could not succeed to move the addressed water concerns forward earlier during the year. The proposal got the approval from the State House and business and agriculture interests pushed it but could not be approved in the senate of the state.

The issues are covered by the new bills such as checking of the erosions, progressive management of the storm water and fertilizing protocols. The measures pursue for the establishment of the flow levels of water for the natural springs of the state and description of the Central Florida Water Initiative. The management plans for the Lake Caloosahatchee Estuary, Okeechobee and St. Lucie River are also the part of the bills.

There would also be the requirement by the proposals from the Office of Economic and Demographic Research to evaluate the resources of water of the state and the conservation lands, the things which were not the part of the plan of the House this spring.

The query is about the environmental interests that whether they are going to get on board now. The chairman of the legislative committee for Gainesville-based Florida Spring council, Bob Palmer was more optimistic about this new legislation and said that for the protection of the aquifer and springs, the bills are doing better and more if compared with the House bill of the previous session.

One of the major causes of the making of the new legislation policies for the policymakers in Florida is that the difficulties which are being faced by the water management in California. Adam Putnam the Agriculture Commissioner drew the apocalyptic pictures of the increasing population of California and Florida which are facing the plague of severe drought so far since last 4 years.

This drought of consecutive years have made the situation for the state very tough and the growing population has increased the demand of water and it is expected that the shortfall of water would reach 1 billion gallon for a day by the year 2030.

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