Flint Water Leading To Poisoning


The issues in the tap water of the Flint city are taking a worse shape as more years have been passing in search for the solution. Now the danger in consuming this water has increased so much that few children have been found to be poisoned due to it. This has been confirmed by the report that came after the Hurley Children’s Hospital assessed the blood test results of the children in the city.

It has been urged by few doctors that the water from Flint River should not be used anymore unless it is get cleaned. They have found the high level of lead in the children’s blood after they urged the authorities about that and this is going to be a huge warning for the health as the water supply of the city is already facing controversy.

Mona Hanna-Attisha who belongs to the Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine demonstrated how the findings are implicated. According to her, she did not think about finding such things but the matter is concerning and it should be taken seriously. The population of the city which has been facing problems like violence, poverty and unemployment cannot afford to face such severe issue

Last year, when it was found out that the water challenges were being face by Flint and the level of trihalomethane was very high in the water that was coming from the water supply of Detroit, the city stopped the supply and starting the treatment of the water at its own. When the Detroit water supply was stopped and the supply from Flint River water was started, the reports began to come according to which people were facing the issues like hair falling, skin rashes which was believed to be due to the presence of chlorine in the water.


Experts who are working for the state have different opinion about the water of Flint River and a spokesperson for the Department of Environmental Quality, Brad Wurfel said that there is nothing to worry as the water coming from this source is safe for drinking and there is no doubt that the federal standards are being met by it. A part of the system is old which is required to be taken care. 4 decades have been passed and not maintenance has been done by them.

The test which were conducted at Virginia Tech researchers disclosed that around seventeen percent of the samples of Flint water signified above 15 ppb of lead. According to EPA it the concentration of the lead is increased more than this level in more than 10 percent of the samples of the taps of the customers, then it is very important to take additional measures to control this deterioration and save the system.

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