Flint Mayor Threatens Lawsuit against State of Michigan


Flint Mayor Karen Weaver announced the city’s intention to revive a lawsuit against the state of Michigan after an unsuccessful meeting with Governor Rick Snyder on April 16. Weaver met with Snyder to discuss the future of free bottled water distribution sites to Flint residents, after the governor’s recent decision to cease providing Flint with free bottled water.

Weaver said that Snyder told her Flint needs to “get over it,” according to MLive and WNEM. Weaver recalled her meeting with Snyder and said, “We did not get very far into the conversation about the PODs because the governor basically said, ‘We need to get over it.’ He said the water is testing well, and we need to move on.”

Snyder’s press secretary, Anna Heaton, described the meeting differently, said MLive. According to Heaton, Snyder and Weaver “had a candid and open discussion about continuing to move Flint forward now that the water quality has been fully restored and confirmed by independent testing.”

Weaver said that she and the city of Flint are not satisfied with the current testing results. “I’ve acknowledged that the testing results are good, but we still have more testing to do. We’re not satisfied with the test results from the school,” she said, according to MLive.


Weaver announced her administration’s intention to take the state of Michigan to court at the press conference after the April 16 meeting, said MLive. Weaver called a press conference after the meeting, where she distributed copies of Flint’s original intention to file a lawsuit from 2016.

“If we have to take the state to court, then that’s what we’re going to do,” Weaver said. “We’ll sue them.” Weaver and her colleagues plan to meet with Angela Wheeler, a Flint attorney, to discuss the city’s legal options, according to WNEM.

Weaver and her administration did not pursue the 2016 lawsuit due to promises by the state which included keeping the water PODs open until all lead service lines had been replaced, said WNEM.

Following the lawsuit’s revival, Governor Synder’s office released a statement on the afternoon of April 17, canceling a meeting of the Flint Water Interagency Coordinating Committee. The statement also said that the state’s legal counsel advised against holding the meeting until the Flint lawsuit is filed or Weaver rescinds her threat, according to ABC.

The statement said, “At that time, we will seek to provide clarification around meeting protocols and whether legal counsel would need to be present for FWICC to continue its work.”