Flesh Eating Bacteria In Florida Creating Severe Effects


A dangerous bacteria which is borne in water has been causing various number of deaths in Florida. Many people died due to the presence of that bacteria in the water during the summer and now the users have been warned by the authorities about it.

During the summer, number of people who are interested in swimming and sunbathing at beaches is grown and the summer season brings the warm water with it which consists of diseases in it. The bacteria which is said to be flesh eating has been responsible for number of deaths and therefore swimmers have been strictly warned about its dangerous effects.

Florida Health Regulators gave a report according to which, this year number of deaths has reached up to 7 and there are other 13 cases which have been found related to such harmful infection. A recent case was of a young 26 year old man who got this infection at the beach in Florida Hernando county who was died soon after two days of he had a swim there.

It is not a Flesh Eating Bacteria


The bacteria takes birth in the warm water which is called Vibrio Vulnificus. Officials of Florida have corrected the news report which have been defining the bacteria wrongly. Mara Burger, press secretary with the Florida Department of Health explained that it is not flesh eating bacteria. It is Vibrio Vulnificus infection which can cause severe damages to the soft tissues of the body if the treatment of the infection is not done. The name for the complication or damage caused due to it is necrotizing fasciitis.

It has been found about the infection that if a person is suffering from it, it will not cause to death until the infection is progressed to the bloodstream. When the infection grows into the bloodstream, it creates the ulceration of skin which results in the decomposition of tissues of the body for which skin grafting or amputation would be needed. There were above 50 percent cases in which the people got the infection to the bloodstream had died in the end.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) tells that there are very few cases of disease caused by such bacteria but they were also underreported. Above 900 such cases were reported in the Gulf Coast States to CDC between the years 1988 and 2006. CDC along with the states of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi took measures to cover the cases Vibrio Vulnificus as before 2007, there was no system for the Vibrio Vulnificus to monitor it and the infection caused by it. 2007 was the year when the infection became well known among the people.

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