Find Union Plus Card Mobile Alerts


The American best bank holding company Capital One has introduced the best credit card service for their users within the United States. Due to its high standard and unique financial services which are beneficial for the registered users, the company is leading at the top eight companies in the world.


The bank offers its valuable customers, the variety of financial services like investment plans for their small or large business, loan or lease of their assets, special credit card services which help to secure and quick their financial activities through their registered accounts.

My Greenery


The company offers its customers the best paperless statement service which is called as “Go Green”. Through this service, the customer could monitor their billing history or transaction data from their user account. The statements would not be printed as in the paper which pollute the environment.

My Account Ping

The user could get activated their devices to receive alerts or notifications from the bank on any new updates. You need to enroll for the alerts by providing your valid email address and the active contact number, so that the messages would be delivered at these provided devices.

What Could I Get

  • You could get payment information like due dates and receive confirmation information on your mobile and email.
  • You could get an email of your all monthly based statements.
  • All the information about the latest transactions made through this account would be an email at this user account.
  • The refunds and the credits information about your Account would be received through an email.
  • The detail information about the other unusual activities and large purchases would be received through an email.
  • The advance cash and the transfer status of balance would be sent through an email at the user account.
  • The company would send new updates and other promotional offers on the user registered email account.

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