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The John Hancock is the USA based insurance and financial service providers which benefits its members with wealthy plans. JH was founded with the honor of great patriot Johan John Hancock in 1862.

Steps to search jobs in the  job portal

  • Click on the link
  • As the website open, you can see the “Search Jobs” button. Click on it to move to the search page of JH jobs online.
  • A new window will appear, under the “Advance Search” tab, you can write your Job Criteria of your choice.
  • Enter the Job Number of your search in the given box. The Job number is available with the Job title. If its not mentioned then you can use only Job Keyword for the job search of a specific position in the JH online.
  • Enter the Job Keyword to scan your search for the job of your choice at JH.
  • Under the “Job field” tab, you can search the jobs in more than one specific field. The Job field has a drop-down menu which indicates all categories of jobs. You can select one and could add more fields in this box by clicking on the “Add Job Field” under the box and also could remove after adding the field.
  • Under the Location tab, you could see more Location fields and could be added of your choice of job search. Click on the Job Location drop down menu and select the job location of your choice. You can also add more Location fields by clicking on the “Add Location”. You can also delete the “Location” by clicking on the Remove Location.
  • Under the Organization tab, you could see “Organization lists” in the drop down menu, where you need to search for the job. Click on the “ADD Organization” to add more fields and if its added, then click on Remove Organization if you want to remove the field.
  • Now select the Basic search of your job by choosing the options of schedule i-e Full time, Part Time and Per Diem.
  • Select Job Type from the option as given according to your choice i-e Standard, Internship, Summer Job and others.
  • Select Employee Status which means whether you want to work as a Regular or Contractual job in the your above chosen organizations.
  • Now click on the “Search for Jobs” after completing all fields of the JH job search.

If you don’t want to scrutinize your job search, then simply choose “All Jobs” tab and it will show a list of available Job openings in the JH job portal.

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