Find Hilton Team Member Travel Program


Hilton Hotel is a well-known brand and has spread its business almost all over the world. The employees of the Hilton can avail good amount of benefits from it by getting discounts on the rooms of the Hotel if they want to spend their time with family somewhere. The benefit program is known as Team Member Travel Program according to which the team members of the hotel are allowed to stay at any location by paying the charges of the rooms at a discount rate.

The program is valid for all the employees associated with every subsidiary whether they are part time employees or full time, they can get such benefit anytime. They can sign up for the program online by visiting the online portal of the company.

The Things You will need

These are the major requirements to get the benefits;

  • The first thing is the PC that should have access to the internet.
  • You should be the employee at Hilton Hotel and work in America, Canada, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic or Bahamas. Then you will be able to join the Team Member Travel Program.

What steps need to be followed?

  • If you want to go for the registration, open the website of the Hilton Team Member Travel Program which is You will see the option of “Begin Here”. Click on it.
  • Now enter the information regarding your location of work and then place you want to visit along with the dates.
  • Then find the rooms and best packages for you by comparing the details of multiple rooms which can help you in making the best choice for you. When you make a choice for the room, reserve it and for that purpose, you will have to enter some of your personal information.
  • The last thing you need to do is that go to the HR department in you work place and ask them for a signed Travel Passport. You can check in at the reserved hotel by showing the passport.

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