Fill The Gap Customer Survey Form And Get Lucky For 15%


The Gap is the discount store in the United States, which deals in the variety of goods like clothing, shoes, bag and others.

Important Points

The customer should have access of the link which is given below for the completion. The customer already experienced shopping with the company products and should have a receipt of their shopping from the company store. All the information requires the internet and the device for completing of the form.

Guides for the Survey


There are some easy steps to fill the survey online and get lucky with the special discount price.

  • Check this site to get the feedback service form online for the sharing your experience.
  • The new homepage of the website, will ask for the language of your choice i-e English or Spanish. These need to be selected accordingly and it will translate the link into the selected language.
  • Click next to move towards the next page which have survey form for the customer who share their experience of the products.
  • The next window has the fields which require the age and gender information about the user who have experienced the shopping with the company products.
  • Click the “next” button to answer the next survey question for winning the discount price in the end.
  • Select the country, province and store from the menus, which are given with their respective drop down button. All the states and the linked stores of the company are listed in the menu.
  • The “Next” will show the next survey question to the customer for filling the form.
  • Give the detail information about the time, and the date of your purchasing experience with the company in the next available area.
  • Give the transaction and the register number in the given box. The required information contains the digits, which need to be entered correctly.
  • Click next to move towards the next window for the survey fulfillment.
  • Now follow all the instructions to complete the survey.

The customers who selected the information for the survey would be lucky to get the discount offer from the customer.

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