Fears That There Will Not Be The Option For Water Fund Money To Be Borrowed to Allow Budget To Be Balanced


It has been reported that rather than keep having the rebellious streak for which they have become so well known, the Suffolk County Legislature have now gone a step to far and are just being obstinate when it comes to harsh decisions that have to be made when it comes to setting out laws with regards to how the water quality funds are to be spent.

It does however seem that there has been a deal reached between the environmentalists and the County Executive Steve Bellone as there were hopes on the part of Bellone that there could be a transfer of funds out of the drinking water fund.

While accepting that there needs to be cuts from somewhere in order to balance the budget, there are clear arguments as to where the money should come from. Just as Bellone thought he had the answer he faced tough action from environmentalists who insisted that as it was voters who arranged for the fund to be created, then they should be given the option of approving any changes that will be made to its use.

The latest position it seems is that there will be a ballot held in November and there will the option for the public to give their view on the option of a $29.4 billion bond being authorized and also the possibility of funds being used at other times over the next 3 years but with a clause that they money has to be refunded.


It appears that there are legislators on both side of the political spectrum who are concerned about the vote and more so because there is an amendment that seems to be redundant. Some seem to want to be able to use the funds regardless of the outcome of the ballot and this is the main concern for many.

It has been confirmed that borrowing the money would be legal but it is likely to cause issues with environmentalists as it has in the past and there are concerns that Bellone could find he needs to make yet another deal.

The vote is due soon with regard to asking the question and due to past agreements it seems they have little choice other than to go ahead. As for the eventual outcome of the ballot – well that will be down to the residents and how much they trust their leaders to keep their word.

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