FAQS On The Sears Mastercard Features And Benefits


The Sears is the American department store which deals in the variety of the products and the services to its valued customers. The company is effectively dealing in the bags, shoes,clothing and other items. They have issued the special cards which are helpful for the online shopping with the company products at an affordable price.

Compare With Others

This special card offers its card holders the great amount of benefits which is same as they get from the Sears Card, but it is unique, as there are many payment options where only this kind of card is accepted as a credit card. The card is best for using the advance cash option facility which is available in almost all branches of the banks and the ATM centers. You should have an additional cash advance feature of the account.

Transferring Method


In some cases, the card holders, need to transfer their balances or the amount through their special cards which is not available for the all other kinds of the cards. This card will provide its card holders a chance to transfer the cash to the other account easily. They just need to sign in with their online account which is enrolled on the banking website and access the link which has “Complete an Online Balance Transfer Check” option. This would be available in the Tools & Services Menu, and then they needed to follow the instructions as given on the website. You can also transfer the balance by calling on the number which is given with the card when it is delivered to you from the company. You should have the personal accurate information ready before contact the representative of the company.

Types of Balance Transfer

In case of your qualified account, which is a subject to the approval of the credit, you could transfer the balances from the other cards and their credit will be stored in this card account. Such transferring facility is also available for the loan plans which are required by the card holders such as personal, student and home. Also the transferring is easy for the other saving accounts, checking accounts and others which are Affiliate by the Citibank.

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