EPA Condemned For Toxic Water Spill


In a river in Colorado, the staff and contractors of EPA have been seriously criticized after 3 million gallons of toxic wastewater from the mining had been spilled by the agency.

EPA has also been reprimanded by means of chain of public meetings as Congressional Republicans are also stepping into the matter.

The spilling action which was taken by the company has been called as inexcusable by Lamar Smith who is one of the significant Republicans on the House Science Committee. It has been called in the first hearing of the panel regarding the problem as the effects were on the people of Colorado, Utah, Navajo and New Mexico.

It is also said that the story of this disaster of the mine could not have been the same this action was taken by a company that is privately owned.


Smith also said that he is suspicious of the calls that could be coming to the executives from the administrations that they resign. A demand would be to post all the documents online and huge amount of fines are expected to be imposed as well.

The negligence that has been seen at the part of EPA is not acceptable because the procedures were already known through which the contamination of the river could have been avoided but the agency did not do anything for that.

It is a very important time for the administration when the even had happened as there have been only 2 days passed when carbon dioxide limits were rolled out by President Obama for the power plants, the important piece of his second term drive against the change in the climate.

Republicans had the intention to make the EPA embarrassed and give a proof for the belief with the agency that it is not armed enough to deal with the regulatory agenda which has an extensive range and was set out by it.

It has been discovered that the responsibility for this spill goes to a contractor from the government which is Missouri-based Environmental Restoration LLC. The work of this contractor was the reason behind the mine spill that happened in Colorado due to which toxic material was entered into the main river system. The servicing of the mine was being managed by the EPA and it said that very heavy equipment was being used by a contractor from outside and it was due to its accidental breach in a mine which was abandoned. The mine is called as Gold King Mine.

The responsibility for the carriage of the toxic water in huge amount into the Animas River of Colorado has been claimed by one of the top water contamination regulator in the United States.

Animas got contaminated during the previous month with toxic water that spilled from a mine that is abandoned.

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