EPA Assured That The San Juan River Water Is Clean Now


The relationship among the federal government and the nation of Navajo has entered into a very anxious state by the accidental spill of mining wastewater of EPA.

Since the time of the spill, EPA has been reprimanded by the authorities of Navajo it has been said by the tribal leaders that due to the outcome of the release, people were left on an edge of economic downfall since San Juan got a ban on its use for the purposes related to agriculture.

An announcement had been made by EPA in the month of August that there is no risk involved in the water now and it is safe. But Navajo Nation is not in hurry and their leaders have made a unanimous decision that the water should be first tested by their own sources and then it would be allowed to be drawn.

Russell Begaye who is the tribe president, says that it is an appreciative effort of EPA that the EPA has tested the samples of water which have been indicated as safe to use for the irrigation purpose. But there is still a concern remained for the soil and the residue which is at the bank of the river. The probability of getting the water polluted again whenever a heavy storm comes and hit it or if the soils is bothered.


Begaye took some water from the river after the 11 days of the spill but it was still found to be dirty. He said that this is not the water worthy to be drunk and therefore he would never drink it. If it is added a purifying pill, still he would not like to drink that. He gave this message though a video that was posted on Facebook.

It is the first time that the water is ensured to be safe by the EPA. According to EPA, water quality in the river of San Juan is now the same as it was earlier before the contamination. It was a waste of 3 million gallons that polluted the water by getting spilled in Colorado and it was made possible by EPA to get the water back to the normal situation.

The responsibility of sending the flood of toxic water has been claimed by U.S during the current month in the Animas River of Colorado.

Some serious pollution has been done by spilling the toxic water in the river of Animas that came from one of those mines which had been abandoned.

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