Embezzlement of More Than $1 Million Acknowledged By Water Manager


One of the water managers working at a water utility company have admitted that he has been involved in the embezzlement of the funds in a special water district in Colorado and now the formal sentence will be faced by him on November 30. The name of the guilty person is Terry Malcom who is 66 years old and he is now required to pay $1,154,210 to the Cascade Metropolitan Water District, the Arabian Acres Water District, , and Cascade Resort Communities. So these guys take your hard earned money folks yet are happy to see customers hit with big water bills

Charges were filed against Malcom by the Office of Judicial District Attorney in the month of March this year. The acknowledgement of embezzlement for above $1 million has been given by Malcom in the court. During the period of year 2007 to 2013, a total of such huge amount has been embezzled by the water manager.

Mathew Werner who is the attorney of Terry Malcom proposed a plea agreement through which the client of Werner would be allowed to serve 3 successive 6 year terms in prison. A parole of 5 years will also be face by Malcom and he will give more than $1 million as compensation. If he had to go to trial and get convicted then imprisonment of 24 years would be his fate for every charge.

Malcom has been convicted in the past as well. This fact raises the questions that why would such a person be permitted to handle such important financial matters. Was that fair with the ratepayers that a person who does not have a clear past had been dealing with them? Malcom was supposed to be under the federal probation system supervision but he was the part of the water management team and he was involved in the embezzlement case so who is actually responsible for that.


Malcom was served by his outgoing nature in McCook for long period where he performed the duties as an attorney and in 1987, governor appointed him to chair the Highway Commission of the state. But the law license of Malcom was lost in the year 1997 and he was found guilty for cheating with the clients and made a fraud of amount of more than $2.7 million with them. Malcom has been imprisoned for 5 years for that case and his sentence period was ended in the year 2007.

Now again the ex-con has been convicted and sentenced which has raised the questions over the people who had hired him for such critical responsibilities that led to water fraud on such a large scale.

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