Either Grant €100 for Irish Water Conservation or Be a registered Consumer of Water


The Ireland Environment Minister Alan Kelly announced the deadline of the water conservation registration in the country. The user either needs to register themselves for the conservation of the water, or either grant €100 as a fee charge of the water and will able to get the grants from the Social Protection Department in September 2015. The consumers who will register themselves would be eligible to use the water in the country. The last date of submission or completion of the registration of the water conservation is 30th June 2015.

The charged money, which will grant from the unregistered household members would be used for the purchase of the electronics or machines which are effective for the conservation of the water in the country such as water butts which are best to recycle the water, water aerators which control and reduce the water flow in house showers, tube wells, taps and hand pumps in the country, water displacement which help to reduce the water flow in house toilets.

The grant is important for the repairing of the plumbing system at the houses or the places where it is widely used to control the unnecessary leakage of the water.

The Alan Kell further added that the selection of this June 30th as the last registration date for the water conservation, consumers is to manage the payments and to control the facts about the changes which could be implemented for the resident level of the water usage.


Through these effective measures, now the water in the Ireland could be able to minimize the water bills from the direct wages and payments which are made for the welfare under the strong rules and policy of the Government implemented on this area. The deduction of the wages and the welfare payments and tenants amount deduction are negotiable claimed by the inside source of the Government. They claimed that, this option would be considered in the next coming weeks, but the agreement would be introduced till the next election.

With the introduction of these compliance orders which are attached to increase the water charges, the change in the affiliation approach would be a fruitful step for the consumers who hardly pay water bills in their daily life.

The plan would be soon passed to the Cabinet for the conciliation. After the announcement, almost 1.23m consumers in the country have registered themselves as the Irish water consumer, out of which 250,000 are not a customer and would be charged with the grand after the deadline. The customers, who are not willing to pay for this water conservation plan, are unaware with its importance in the human life.

According to the sources, this grant is non deductible from the bills. It would be charged as a lump sum amount in the September from the unregistered customers. The customers must have applied for the grant before Septemeber on the provided website url with their account number as a consumer and other important details as required to complete the process.

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