Earn Staples Reward Program Online


The American best suppliers of Office equipments are Staples, Inc which offered its customer the variety of services and products facilities. The company was founded in 1986, since then, it is the best supplier of hardware technologies, furniture, electronics and others in the Canada. Due to its high standard free shipping services and High quality and reliable products the company is leading among the third largest and the highest profit earned company around the world. The company 3856 stores are facilitating in almost 26 countries with their best services online and off set to their valued customers. To avail this amazing service and getting maximum benefits from the company stores, the company offered its customers the three types of membership which could avail this reward program more effectively.

How to Get Lucky

Every membership program has its own benefits like percentage of cash return on every purchase of the company items online. You could also get the free shipments of your order from the company in just a few steps as mentioned on the company website.

There are 2 methods to avail this program:


Method 1:

The easiest and much quickest method to earn these special program numbers is you should have a registered account at the company website. It will help you to get the company products online through their shopping cart. As the e-shopping process ends, you need to provide your reward number to the customer support representatives online during the place in order to get lucky with this special program. You could also get the updates of the new program and new features add at your registered account on the company website.

Method 2:

If you don’t have access to the company website and want to purchase these items from the company retail stores, then go to the any store of the company and provide this program number to the cashier before checking out. This will earn you with 5% of cash back.

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