Dumping of Waste into Waterways Would Put The culprit In Prison


Persons involved in illegal dumping and mishandling sewage are warned to be sentenced for maximum 20 years. Water utilities are fed up of such act from the people who are careless about the water and becoming a headache for the utilities. Police announced that such acts of dumping are illegal and strictly prohibited and people who are not following the orders would be sentenced that can lead to 20 years and a fine around $10,000.

Last month, authorities were made aware by a citizen about two men who were found to be storm drain that was in front of the self-serve carwash on the 1300 block of S. Houston Ave, was dumped with waste.

Sergeant Mike Flynt, a police detective in Humble, TX explained the incident which was witnessed by a resident. According to him. There was a bus which stopped there and two men from the bus started throwing raw sewage into a storm drain. Resident showed the evident in the form a video which he made while he found the men dumping the sewage.Toilet paper was found there when officers came and started their investigation and observed that it was the smell like raw sewage.

This is a big crime which is described by Environmental authorities and the reason told by them is its being a huge threat to the waterways.


According to one of the spokespersons with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), public health is going to be affected to a significant amount by such crime because this waste will harm the surface water which has to be used for drinking purpose.

Water utilities have to face big problems due to this waste as the water is filled with more human waste and chemicals. With the increase of chemicals and other wastes in the water, the utilities have to work more and the treatment of water requires more time and effort so that it is made worthy to be used for the drinking purpose. According to the estimates, every year, dumping of approximately 24 billion gallons of sewage and storm water which is untreated, into the Great Lakes is done and this become a big cause of spoiling the health of the residents and the environment and ultimately effects the economy as well.

Boaters are also engaged in the practices of dumping raw sewage into waterways. Such practices are prohibited by the regulators of the state of Washington. Therefore, it is the duty of everyone now to understand the effects which can be created by such practices and avoid them.

These acts not only create difficulties for the water authorities in the treatment of water but also ultimate results are the damage to environment and public health.

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