Dubai New Water Front Skyscraper Plan Disclose


The Dubai has the largest building in the world name Burj Khalifa and the Burj –UL-Arab. For several years, the Dubai is famous for its mind blowing skyscraper and artistic building designs. Maintaining the trend, now another skyscraper is under the plan. The new creative art will be another magnificent plan of the city with the waterfront in an open space.

The new high rise development would be another display of the city for their appetite of the tallest building in the world. The development has a marvelous waterfront designed specially for this plan.

According to the Simon Townsend, who is also a Chief of Capital Market said:

“ Dubai has a number of masterpieces like these high rises which are always rejuvenated and revised all over the world. We have Dubai Waterfront which is located in the Lagoons. The new master plan in the Dubai Land would add in such masterpiece list”.


The new project is to make the Dubai Maritime City. The city would be another sign of great artistic skills of the builders who would recall the master plans in this new development. The Omniyat has already announced their new project “ANWA” in the Maritime City with the estimated cost of almost 600 million Durham. Unlike Burj Khalifa and others, this new project of Anwa would be the residential tower in the City.

On the other hand, the other masterpiece in the different location is Deira Island, where people could find the cluster of the tower with the approximately 16 towers. The blueprint of this project is already showed by the Nakheel.

It is to be believed, that Dubai has the most high raise building which shows, it has plenty of space and momentum to draw such high sky scrapers in great amount. The next high level project for similar skyscraper is another project in focus. It is already seen that the future of these high buildings or towers will not ever flooded the area such as we have found on the Shaikh Zayed Road. Now the developers are bringing new ways to maintain the space of the road wide and open without adding more villas, mid size apartments and houses in the project surrounded by these tall buildings.

Not only Dubai, but also the other cities around the world have already developed such kind of skyscrapers in the country. It is to be believed that such sky-risers are the best source to handle the growth and the economic conditions in the country. Like the tallest buildings, which are also equipped with the business communities with their site offices and are operating major role in the country’s economy.

The adding of such high-risers in the city, now only add the growth in the economy, but it also gives the support to lessen the houses in the country. With such space and compress project, it could add spaces for the homes and maintain the open roads and creativity side by side. It is a genius way to accommodate the maximum population without messing the roads with extensive residential area.

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