Dry Weather Takes A Huge Toll On Ucluelet’s Water Supply


Residents of Corpus Christi in Texas have been urged to conserve water as the state continues to grapple with the worst drought it has ever seen. The mayor of the city-Nelda Martinez, accompanied by the state commissioner of agriculture, Todd Staples yesterday asked the residents to exercise prudence and conserve water using the Texas Smart Water Program.

Staples and Martinez will witness the start of the program today and elaborate the importance of conserving water at a news conference which will take place at city hall commencing 11.30 am today.

Climatologists have said that the drought which the state is currently witnessing is one of the 5 worst for the last five hundred years. They have said that it’s indeed taking a huge toll on Texas, according to a press release from the city’s communication’s department.

The Texas Water Smart program is one of the private-public partnership program which helps to find out ways which residents and businesses can cut back on their everyday water use.


The event will be tweeted live by reporter Matt Woolbright from 11:30 am

In other news, the continuing growth has led to the cutting off of water supplies   to the poorest population in the state.

Most families who live in Colunga have lost their water supplies to the sweltering heat. One family which is hard hit by this is the Colunga family which has lived in the Monson area for many decades now.

Members of this family have learned to live without running water. Many other families living in the area are also affected In Tulare County alone; as many as 30 homes have seen their wells go dry.

The plight that is faced by the Colungas comes at a time when the state is facing extreme drought and its a sign of serious gaps in local and state water codes. The state has failed in its task of tracking and regulating the use of water in the state. This has diminished the quality of life by interrupting water supply. This way, the quality of life of the residents has been put in serious danger.

According to Gladys, a resident, the source of this problem is pretty simple. The wells of most of the residents in rural areas are no longer deep enough to reach the reserves of the ground water. As of today, California is enduring three years of harsh drought for three consecutive years. The amount of competition faced by the residents is harsh.

“We are in California and this should not be happening,” Gladys’s said she was born in town not far away from Monson. Her husband is Mexican and over the years, they have emigrated towards the North.

“Almost everyone in the United States look to California because life is much better here, “said Gladys. According to her, it is hard that the California which was some years ago revered by many for its better life is now being spoiled.

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