Drought Rage Viewed By Maintenance Trainee


People of California are distressed because of the humiliation they are going through because of the campaign, “Droughts snitching” on the social media. Precious year, it caused shame for many people who had been wasting the water instead of warnings from the state authorities.

Another thing is “Drought Rage” which means that if someone sees a person wasting water, he would get angry. The effects of drought rage have been experienced by Louis Cavazos who is the maintenance trainee at Recreation and Community Services Department of Lakewood.

Recycled water has been sprayed by the tanker trucks in the city on its landscaping and Cavazos is the one who drives a tanker. Although the law had been imposed recently according to which the cities are not allowed to water them because of the drought but this is an exemption to it. The watering is being done since the month of July by using recycled water. The purpose of using the recycled water is to save the water and for the trees whose branches may fall that may eventually cause loss for the property or injury to the persons.

These trucks carry water about 1000 gallons and travel for half an hour with the stickers clearly mentioning the water as no drinkable. Many people driving their cars, shouted at Cavazos number at number of occasions that he is wasting water or if is not aware of the drought through which state is going. Once he was yelled by a female motorist who threw a cup of soda at his truck in anger.


But the main problem identified during the experience of Cavazos that the public is not aware of the recycled water.

The city of Lakewood has numerous efforts of recycled water in place. A report says that there is a requirement from the recycle water system that is almost 26 years old for the separation of pipeline system from another one through which water for the drinking purpose is being supplied and irrigation of 6 parks, 4 schools and city facilities is being done. 184 million gallons of water is being by the system every year and its cost is half less than the water that is drinkable.

Recycled water is being utilized by Cerritos since 1988 which is an underground pipeline having length of 22 miles. It serves above 200 acres of the properties possessed by the city. They were able to save almost 815 million gallons of drinkable water through such efforts every year.

There are groups that have been trying to make the system better to make people aware of the advantages which can be availed from the recycled water. Through water reuse, dependency on the sources like surface water and ground water have been reduced. Also the load of nutrients is minimized from the wastewater as they are released into waterways and decrease the contamination.

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