Download Wells Fargo Mobile App For Mobile Banking


The Wells Fargo is a bank holding company in the United States. The company is dealing more than 165 years in different parts of the country.


You could get the loan,mortgage,credit card, internet banking,mobile banking and other financial services from the company.It has detailed assistance in all kind of the financial services, which they are offering to all the registered customers.

Guidelines to get


To check and manage your financial account online from the official website, you need to download the mobile app which is given as below:

  • Open the mobile app website to get the link of the app on your mobile phones. This link should be open through the mobile browser.
  • The application page would be displayed. It will show all the benefits and the features which a mobile user could get after download the application on their cell phones.
  • As you agree with all the features which would be given to the users after downloading, then choose the mobile type from the tabs as given. All the mobile phones have their unique versions which are supportive to such mobile app. You need to select according to your choice.
  • At the bottom of the window, select the Download option, which is given for downloading this app on the mobiles. The available link would be an App Store of Apple sets. If you are an Apple user, then select the tab, otherwise click the tab of your mobile to get the link.
  • The download will start processed as you entered the link.
  • By Text
  1. If you are not sure about the version which is compatible with your mobile phone, then you could send the text IPH to 93557 to get the link directly.
  2. You will get the link from the company through the text message.
  3. Click the link which would be sent through a text message to start your download on the cell phone.

You should provide all the registered details after downloading the apps. Otherwise, your account would not be accessed through your mobile phones.

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