Disease Of Legionnaires In New York


Disease of Legionnaires has been one of the biggest news for the New York City which had to manage with that fatal disease during the current summer. The more challenging situation for the city is the leading of this disease towards more dangerous form of pneumonia which will enter the entire water system making the situation more devastating.

The disease has shown its effects on a number of people. 127 persons have been found to be ill and 12 people are dead because of the severity of that sickness. The disease is called as the biggest outbreak of the New York City.

City officials are conveying to the public that the city is safe and clear. Dr. Mary Bassett in the news conference organized at New York City Health Laboratory told that the authorities have no doubt about the fact that the disease has now stopped from spreading and they are claiming it with confidence.

According to Bassett, the source of origination for the outbreak was the cooling tower of Bronx Opera House Hotel. She explained that 25 samples were taken from the people who were combating this disease and few of them were even died of that and then those samples were tested from 3 labs which all gave the unanimous result. The results showed that these tests were related to the genetic code of a bacteria called Legionella which was present at the tower of the hotel.


The city of New York is not the only one which is dealing with the Legionnaires disease. It has moved to other cities as well. Confirmation has come about a worker at the West Chester University in Philadelphia that the disease had infected him previous month. In the cooling towers as well as in the hot water systems of the university, Legionella bacteria had been seen.

This is not the end of the story, GlaxoSmithKline which is a pharmaceutical company, had found the same bacteria which the disease that is the prevailing issue in the New York City during a regular test. Due to this bacteria, the company closed and reopened a plan, North Carolina recently.

The patients who are infected by this disease have been analyzed in the hospital and it was found that they were suffering from very high fever usually that was above 103°F. Effects start with the coughing and then it straight away attacks the lungs. Coughing can go to the next stage which can be dangerous (sputum production). Another symptom is the diarrhea along with sign of gastrointestinal stomach. Patients were seen to be in state of vomiting, nausea, and stomach disorder. Moreover, they had to bear the severe headache and other pains like in the chest or muscles pain or may feel difficulty in breathing.

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