Discoloration Of Water In The Taps


Complaint form 5000 houses have come in Cornwall about the loss of their water service or their faucets are giving them discolored water. Residents have claimed that they are seeing the dark urine color water in their taps and it seems as the pond water with residue.

The reason behind this disgusting condition of water was the broken piping. Along with the main supply, there was an ancillary pipe which also ruptured and the mending of this piping under the south West Water was far complicated than the expectations.

The officials have guaranteed that there is nothing wrong with the repairing work and it is being done with commitment but the granite is resisting the process that is why the pace is slow.

Few consumers are told by the South West Water that the taps are to be run on cold so that the discoloration can be cured. The customers are also suggested by the utility that the huge amount of bills can be offset by applying for that. The consumers told that they were unable to get any help from the running of water.


The network teams of the utility is engaged in clearing the distribution channel so that the issue of discoloration alleviates. They have been recommended to let the cold water run so that the system would be cleared. Those who have faced such problem and it has affected them as well, they can claim an allowance for run-off.

Utility has been in communication with the consumers continuously through Twitter where for the inconvenience in the services, it has apologized its customers several times. The utility has been trying to compensate the consumers in other ways so that they may satisfy them in case of such situation for example the consumers who have been affected badly by the discoloration are given bottled water.

There are number of causes involved for the discoloration of the tap water and few of them are entirely harmless. The change in the color of the water is dependent on the flushing hydrants.

Moline Public Works Department gave a statement about this issue and according to that statement, there may be a possibility of cloudiness or discoloration of the water may be observed by the consumers for some time after the flushing of hydrant in their areas. This can literally be removed if some water is run from a cold water tap for some time.

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