Developing Nations Will Get The Clean Drinking Water


To make water cheap and portable, a trial is going on in Milwaukee for the simplification of the technology that is used for the treatment of water.

It looks like a simple objective but it is going to be a challenging one. The aim is to make the contaminated water drinkable with low-tech systems. The countries which are poor cannot have access to the treatment plants of high cost and people there are consuming the water that is not safe for them to drink and creating health related issues for the public.

A device has been developed by Stonehouse Water Technologies which is called Water POD. Every unit is a drinking water filtration system of small size. To test the technology, a dirty canal was selected in Milwaukee and device was set up there and a sign for the target is made which is “Making the Unthinkable Drinkable”.

The working of this latest technology is explained by the officials working on it. According to them, heavily contaminated water of the canal is carried by a small hose inside the eight feet diameter dome. There is a button outside which is pushed so that clear water can be dispensed which is drinkable.


Numerous filters are present in the Water POD (Portable On Demand) which be modified according to the contamination in the water source. Filters are able to remove the bacteria and Cryptosporidium that can cause sickness, sediment, metals, odors and chemical pollutants. Finally, the water is then exposed to the ultraviolet light which kills the viruses in it.

Hensley Foster who is the president of Stonehouse, said that to develop the device, grant money was very important and it is expected that the clean drinking water will now be available to the developing countries.

Around 300 gallons of water can be produced by the POD which is said to be sufficient for almost 1000 persons to drink every day. According to an estimate made by Foster, customer could be charged 31/2 cents for each liter of water they are going to get from the owner of POD to cover the treatment cost and also for sustaining the business.

Water filtration systems have been designed by many companies to develop the nations but according to Foster his device is better because there is no requirement of a diesel engine of big size for operating the large pumps or treatment plants. He has considered the small units to be placed at water sources

Various companies have designed water filtration systems for developing nations, but Foster says his device stands out for a few reasons. It will provide convenience to the residents who will not have to travel long to get the water safe for their health.

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