Customers Are Fed Up OF Long Wait On The Phone Calls Made To The Utility


Large number of complaints come from the ratepayers randomly which are not necessarily reasonable but the thing which exacerbate them is that they have to wait long on the phone calls to make their complaints.

Investigation on the complaints of the customers of Louisville Water Company has been done. There were hundreds of complaints through emails only in the month of September.

The average time of replying the calls of the customers by the utilities is 69 seconds according to the national statistics. But during the previous month, the analysis of the Louisville Water Company showed that it was picking the calls up in almost 20 minutes.

There are 63,000 consumers which have been taking services from Louisville Water Company and more than half of them have criticized the attitude of the utility and they have to hang up the phone when they are kept waiting for very long.


Utility has also admitted that there are problems in the services to deal the customers. More staff must be hired for this purpose, said by one of the executives of the company. It is expected that the company is going to employ more persons for the customer services in the upcoming year. Dave Vogel who is the customer service executive has also discussed the matter and strict action is asked to be taken to mitigate the dissention with the rate payers.

He said that the company needs to perform and respond to the consumers as they actually expect from their utility.

The utility has instituted a new billing system of $29 million with an objective to become more efficient which has been surrounded by major portion of the phone calls. This has actually proved to be the cause of over frustration for the rate payers. Customers have to move to the emails for the complaints when they get no response to their phone calls from the utility regarding this new system of billing.

The planning is being done on the addition of new call center staff who will handle specifically this new billing system and for that, company has planned to hire the students of college so that the improvements can be brought to the customer services.

The college students are going to be hired for this matter as part timers. According to Vogel, college students can be expected to work better because they require money and they are enthusiastic therefore they will be proved as good employees with satisfactory work. They also know more about the technology which can be a positive element for them.

Another strategy the company is going to implement is that the cross training of the employees will be done that is they will do the work of other employees which will make them more efficient after handling multiple tasks.

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