Countries Unite In Agreement That Air Strikes Against Islamic State Will Not Be Ruled Out


It is becoming clear that there is a likelihood that there will be additional support given from the United State the UK and France with regards to the fight against ISIS.

The latest report is that Barack Obama is likely to agree for $25m to be available for use by the Iraqi government in the form of “immediate military assistance.”

It is expected that when the funding bill will include funds being made available and it will be for this reason that there has been a delay in the vote. It seems that there has been talks between the President and the King of Saudi Arabia and the decision is that “moderate” Syrian opposition should be helped as they are fighting Islamic State.

It has been agreed between the two men that there has to be a strong Syrian opposition who will be able to take on both Assad and Isil.


In the UK the Foreign Secretary – who was the Defence Secretary until recently – Philip Hammond has spoken about the reason for the rise in terror threat level saying that it was because there are fears that there will be radicalsied jihadis trying to get back into Britain. There are mixed views in the UK regarding the raise in the threat level as some see that it could be helpful to deal with those who are returning because they are disappointed by the rise of the radicals.

Mr. Hammond went on to say that Britain must accept there could be a need to put more effort into the fight against ISIL. He has however assured MP’s that there will not be any decision made with regard to joining the USA with air strikes without there being a debate held in Parliament.

While Mr. Hammond was emphasizing the need for possible action hos colleague Kenneth Clarke was echoing the need for the decision to be made by Parliament. He claimed that if it went ahead any other way there would be “political outrage” while he was speaking in the House of Commons.

It is no doubt warming to know that they could be joined by France if there does have to be air strikes and this has been announced by the French Foreign Minister.

In his statement, Laurent Fabius made it clear that there would be help for the moderates against both Assad and the Islamic State if there was agreement that this should happen.

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