Contamination In The Wat At Military Camp May Be Related To Cancer In Marines


During the previous century, the people residing in the Camp Lejeune had to combat with the intoxicants in the water that was used for the drinking purpose. The water was getting poisonous and people were going through severe issue. It is expected that the contamination of water during the years 1953 and 1987 due to the trichloroethylene may be the cause of male breast cancer among the people lived on the base.

This has been said on the basis of the researches being done by the government officials and now it has been suggested the health of the veterans should not be compromised and better coverage for their health is offered by the Veteran’s affairs and the administration of Obama.

Federal Agency has conducted a survey recently about the disease Registry and Toxic Substances. There were 71 persons who were the part of the research and they were going through the problem of breast cancer. Apart from them, the study had the focus on the more men who also had cancer of other kinds. They were 373 in number.

The relationship of the male breast cancer with the exposure to DCE, PCE and vinyl chloride has been shown by the results of the study. Race, age at diagnosis and service were taken into consideration for the study. The risk has been found to be enhanced as the exposure to PCE increased.


Presence of vinyl chloride, PCE, TCE and DCE were observed to make spread the male breast cancer too.

If we look at the record, then we will come to know that there are very rare cases of breast cancer in males. You can only found 7 men out of every 1000 in the United States who had been suffering from the breast cancer. Anjali Malik at Eastern Radiologists was interest in giving the insight over its diagnosis. According to her,

Men have the similar tissues of the breast as the women have, although the tissues in men are very less as compared to the females. The amount of the tissues can be grown higher as well by the use of medications but here is not much to worry about as that may be one normal breast tissue.

It may not be a big problem but still it cannot be denied that the breast cancer can be developed among the men which has been a major issue with the veterans and they need to be ensured that they will get the quality of water which is satisfactory.

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