Contamination in Clinton’s Water Supply


Residents of Clinton have been warned about the possible contamination of their tab water with E. coli. Officials in the northern Utah- city advised residents to use bottled water instead.

In a statement, the city officials said that they were not very sure about the level of contamination until results for tests were released late Thursday afternoon.

The officials   said that water samples collected and tested on Wednesday turned positive for bacteria.

The city water supplies may have become contaminated when one of the residents connected water for irrigation with the city’s drinking water, therefore causing massive contamination.


The statement says that disconnection has been done and water experts are working hard to disinfect the water supply to the city.

“E’ coli can lead to short term health problems such as nausea, diarrhea, cramps and headaches” Said Chris Bee, a healthcare worker in the city. The   city has a total of 21,000 residents, most of who depend on piped water. This means that any occurrence of contamination causes serious scare and inconvenience, says Chris.

“The scare caused by the announcement is huge. There is no doubt about this because water touches the lives of everyone, residents and non residents who happen to pass through this city,” said   Patrice, an enraged citizen. He strongly appealed to the local officials to make sure that the contamination is contained within the shortest time possible.

The contamination scare seems to have gone wide a field as it is now emerging that Gape Girardeau   officials in Toledo have assured the residents that there is no possibility for their water becoming contaminated due to the Mount Polley disaster.

The city’s water resources are managed by Alliance Water Resources which changed to well water three years ago because it was easier to guarantee safety for the users than when the water is sources from open grounds such as lakes or rivers.

“We have access to up to date technology that enables our technicians monitor the state of the water every minute,” said Kevin Priester from v Alliance Water Resources.

He further said that they have put in place rigorous testing standards which helps to ensure that the   quality of water reaching the consumers is high.

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