Conservation Policy Of California State Is Getting Hurt By Phantom Flush


People in California may not implement their water conservation plan efficiently because of the sensor-operated toilets used in the offices and public restrooms. Looking at the drought conditions in the state, investments are being done on the showerheads and toilets that will have low flow of water at homes to save it. But loss of water is being observed because of the automatic plumbing fixtures in the malls, offices and other buildings.

When there is no need to flush, toilets flush and sinks are seen to be running even the room has been left. It is becoming a nightmare for the state of California which is already facing drought situation. As the water conservation policy is getting badly hurt due to these no-touch plumbing fixtures.

Automatic toilets which were made in 1990s looked very good and convenient. Moreover they are considered to be hygienic but it has been seen that usually they malfunction when they are used.

State authorities have gathered the data through which they have determined the amount of water being wasted because of them. According to the estimate made by Environmental Protection Agency, there are almost 27 million automatic toilets which have been installed in the restrooms. Most of the aging models of these toilets are utilizing three to five gallons of water per flush which is higher than the standard set by the federal authorities that is 1.6 gallons.


The wastage of water is not only being done by these older versions but also the new models known as phantom flush believed to be conservative of the water are wasting gallons of water every day. John Koeller who is the principal at Maximum Performance Testing said that the toilets are being flushed more than it is required as this has been happening multiple times and nobody is caring about it as it is going against the current target of the state.

A solution for this problem has been devised and a new technology for the flush has been developed which is called “Wave”. Using this kind of flush is going to be efficient in saving water because the toilet will only flush when the person wave his hand above the sensor after using it.

According to the new standard made by California Energy Commission, only 1.28 gallons of water can be utilized by the commercial and residential toilets per flush. No standards have been set so far to save water regarding sensor accuracy which has to be focused now as it is very important to follow the conservation policy made by the state to handle the situation through which state has been going for almost 4 years now.

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