A big plant of desalination is getting constructed in Carlsbad that is part of California, at the distance of 30 miles. When its construction is going to be completed next year, it’s going to be the biggest facility in the western circle and almost 50 million water gallons are gained from it per day.

When the water supply in California is less people expect to get fresh water from the sea, said a member.

An increasing trend of filtration:

Most of the desalination technology is following either one or two methods which include the distillation by the use of thermal energy of they use kind of membranes to clean the water from salts.


In the method of water distillation the water with salts is heated to create water vapors which is then condensed and gathered in the form of fresh drinking water. The second one is the method of backward process of osmosis in order to pump out the sea water by the semi permeable membranes.

For example the filter paper with tiny holes in it that keeps the salt material which is trapped inside it and the molecules of fresh water pass out of it. The remaining water that is having salt particles in it is pumped back again in the ocean.

The members if the water plant in Carlsbad say that they change two gallons of seawater in one gallon of clean and fresh water the process of filtration and taking out 99.9 percent of salt from it.

In the world there are almost 16,000 plants of desalination and their number is increasing. The amount of desalted water that is produced all over the world increased more than 3 times since the year 2000.

Director of the desalination said that they are progressing in America but all the countries that are near Persian Gulf are more ahead in usage of this process, may be because they have no other mean to get fresh water.

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