Coffins Are Not Safe Because Of Floods


The severity of the floods of South Carolina caused the coffins to come out of the ground and float on the surface.

The state is already facing a challenge of flood which has affected the area badly and this coming out of the coffins is another issue that has to be faced by the authorities.

A cemetery has been seen full of water and 2 coffins have been found floating on the surface of the cemetery at the Samaria Missionary Baptist Church.

The soil is entirely soaked with the flood water and the rainfall beneath the depth of the coffins and these are pushed by the water which has immense pressure and they are swept away due to the water of the floods.


This is not only an anguish situation but also the danger is ready for the waterways. The major issue that comes from the flooding in the graveyards is contamination which reaches the dangerous level and spread everywhere. The pollutants that make way in the flood water arise from carcinogenic formaldehyde which is present in the embalming used to preserve the bodies. For the embalming of the bodies, such chemicals are used which are extremely toxic and cause severe problems for the people residing in the affected areas.

The situation is not new and in 1994, similar circumstances were seen when the floods came in Georgia. At that time, a very similar scenario was seen when several coffins came out of the ground unfortunately due to which the authorities took some strict steps to bring the amendments in the policies which would guarantee the security of the caskets that must be buried in a way after which their safety is ensured.

When in 1994, the flood came and the Flint River was over flown and there 438 caskets which were drown away from the cemeteries. Many bodies were identified after the analysis of the forensic labs but 95 were washed down the surface.

The services of the Samaria Missionary Baptist Church located in South Carolina have been cancelled because of these dangerous floods. An announcement was made from the church to stay safe and pray for each other in these circumstances.

The flooding in South Carolina had taken at least eleven lives and the number is expected to increase.

According to the reports, it was 20 inches of rain in the central area which have made the disastrous situation for the residents and according to the officials who provide weather services, the condition is going to be prevailed for few more days.

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