Coalition Not In Agreement When It Comes to The Wrongly Named Bedroom Tax As MP Andrew George Calls For Changes


It has been confirmed that the Liberal Democrats are not supporting the so called bedroom tax unless there are a number of exemptions and conditions put in place. Although referred to as a tax this is not right as it is in fact a reduction in benefits and not an additional payment that has to be made.

As is normal when there is an issue of this magnitude, collective responsibility was not brought into force and therefore Liberal Democrat ministers were allowed to support the proposals brought by their own side and not risk being suspended or removed front he government.

Rumours are already spreading that this could lead to the doors being opened for a pact with Labour but this is not seen as a sign that this is likely.

The proposals as set out by Andrew George, Liberal Democrat MP for Penzance in Cornwall include a request that a resident in a house considered too big for them under the Act would not have their benefits removed unless they had turned down a suitably sized property. He believes that this will stop the injustice of people losing money when there is nowhere else for them to go.


Mr George also wanted it to be included that in cases where there was a genuine need for an extra room for medical reasons that this should also be allowed.

This has always been a controversial Act and while there are clear reasons for it, it appears that it was introduced before the practicalities had been thought through and without contingency plans being in place.

There had been support for the measures previously but it is being reported that they were being withdrawn as it was becoming clear certain areas needed to be re addressed.

Rather than add to the debate the leader of the opposition Ed Miliband used his time to just criticise the leadership of David Cameron the PM without actually explaining how his party would address the issue.

It is a pity that he has not been able to support the idea that there has to be cuts rather than just stand on the side-lines and insist that his party would do nothing at all.

It is for this reason and a number of other cases that he has name called without giving constructive information that polls are showing he is not popular and voters would not trust him to run the economy.

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