Climate Changes are of Less Concern for Water Utilities


United States has been going through a drought situation which is expected to extend for time. According to many analysts, climate change is another thing which will further affect it and water utilities will have to face severe problems but water utilities which are currently having issues like infrastructure crises and revenue pressures as well, do not consider climate change much important in this water related problem.

Water resources are considered significant for the society as well as ecosystems. Water is required for humans and that should be clean as well for the drinking purpose in order to save their health while other purposes like agriculture, energy production and manufacturing for which water supply is necessary. Apart from all such requirements, climate change has become another major cause due to which demand for water is going be increased and the supply will be short. This will be a challenging situation for the water utilities to fulfill the needs and demands of water for every single purpose mentioned.

Few areas will have to face more floods and rise in the level of sea due to climate change. Therefore the authorities will face another problem regarding the quality of water which will not be the same. Ultimately, this would cause problems for the infrastructure as well which will be destroyed badly.

An analysis was done by the consultancy Black & Veatch in which question about the major concern for the water utilities was asked for the shortage of water. There were only 10 percent of the water utilities respondents of United States called it a sustainability issue for them in case of the climate change which is going to cause more effects for the people who are already facing the problem of fewer water supplies from their water utilities.


Although there were 60 percent respondents according to which climate change has created the issues of most significance regarding the scarcity of the water and its supply but only 33 percent of the respondents say that water utilities are relating their strategic plans with the climate change which showed that they do not have enough plans for the issues which can be caused by climate change.

The analysis included the vulnerability occurs due to the climate change and only 15 percent people said that they have done assessment regarding that. On the other hand, more than 50 percent identified that vulnerability of most of their assets has been done. So there is no such focus on the assessment of risk related to climate change.

The problems are known by all the water utility organizations and these dangerous issues of reduction in water supply and infrastructure damage cannot be ignored. So, actually the hurdle in the way of planning to overcome such issues is not the lack of information, it is readily available but the problem is shortage of funds with the utilities.

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