Access Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce To Compute Mortgage Loan


Canadian Imperial Bank of commerce is providing you an opportunity to calculate total amount of loan and rates of interest online. For this purpose you don’t have to be a member of CBIC. You can avail a facility to change the rate of return of mortgage loans according to your convenience.


  • You need to have a computer system with high speed internet connection
  • You need to visit official website of CBIC

Step by step Guides

  • Open an official URL of website CBIC at to calculate mortgage loan
  • You need to scroll down the web page until you find option of “Mortgage Calculator” positioned in menu of “Rates & Calculator” after finding hit a click on it.
  • This click will take you to another window where you will get mortgage payment calculator.
  • Provide your total Mortgage amount or choose the amount through arrow.
  • Identify the Terms and kind of Mortgage through given list and add rate of interest in form of percentage in relevant field.
  • In next step you need to provide total time period in form of years in field of “Amortization”.
  • Identify “payment Frequency” through list as available.
  • At the end provide values of Yearly payment, One-Time payment Increase payment in head of “Extra payments”
  • Shortly, you will get a graphical view of result of Mortgage Term summary.



You can calculate and estimate about different loans through website of CBIC without getting registered with website.

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