Chromium – 6 Contaminant Found in California


According to the latest research, water in the district of California is getting polluted due to which the consumers are getting more exposure to the threat for their safety. The water district of Rio Linda Elverta Community is facing the contamination issues for the water as it has been found that the water consists of a pollutant called “Chromium – 6” which could be a real threat for the health of the customers.

The authorities of the water district have the knowledge about the presence of this chemical in the water and they also know that it has crossed the limit which had been set as that level would not be risky for the users.

According to the findings of the research, 50 percent of the wells of the district are found to be filled with contaminant Chromium – 6 and the level of the presence of such chemical is ranging between 11 and 16 ppb. It is an alarming situation for the district as it has been providing the service to around 10,000 consumers.

From where did this issue come? The study has found out that this contaminant Chromium – 6 is not a natural pollutant present in the water rather the chemical has generated from the work of construction which was done before 30 years at the McClellan Air Force Base.


A regulation was passed by the state authorities considering the chromium – 6 during the previous year. According to that regulation, 10 parts per billion of the chemical was allowed to be present in the drinking water which is supplied to the general public. It was five times more than the target set for the health of the public by EPA in the state.

Due to the alterations in the policies of California, the concentration on the chromium – 6 has increased. The identification of this carcinogen has been possible because of the new laws of the state as it urged the water districts to assess the water.

California has some of its other parts as well that have exposure to the chromium – 6 chemical. Number of wells in Woodland, Dixon and Davis have been seen in the western part of the Valley of Sacramento contaminated with the chromium – 6 pollutant.

The EPA does not stern action regarding chromium-6 as strong is the California officials have taken now. According to the rules of EPA, chromium – 6 is allowed in the drinking water according to the standards set by them but now new standards are going to be taken into consideration by the agency so that the health dangers are addressed properly

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