Chlorine Will Be Replaced By Peracatic Acid For Wastewater Treatment


Chlorine is being utilized by the water management teams for the treatment of water and the process of treatment is done very rapidly through it but still there are some complications involved in it. That persuaded them to move to another remedy which is peracetic acid (PAA). The treatment of water has been started through that and various benefits are also being taken.

The treatment of water through PAA is a process that involves only one step and it is done rapidly as compared to the former procedure. On the other hand, chlorine involved a phase of dechlorination which makes it a lengthy process. PPA takes 22 minutes for the treatment process of the wastewater. Besides, it produce the byproducts that non-toxic and contains water, acetic acid and carbon dioxide. Solids or turbidity does not create any effects on it as it happens in the UV system.

To convert the treatment systems to the PAA, a significant amount of funds is required but once the treatment process is started then the benefit in that is it is a single step procedure which means they do not need much tankage and pumps. Moreover, the materials used in the process and the construction are also not similar to those which are installed by most of the plants for the utilization of sodium hypochlorite.

The major hurdle that is in the way of the industry for the adoption of the PAA to the change is the fear to do it suddenly. But there is no doubt that it will be overcome very soon because of the champions of solution.


The technical development manager at Solvay Chemical, John Maziuk says that when there is an involvement required in something, it is not simple to adapt it and therefore, there is a fear in the mind of everyone when a change has to be brought. According to him, it is very important to be ensured that the things have been scrutinized. There must be trust on the trust on the individual who is doing the explanation. This is the right way to do it.

Wastewater treatment is being done in almost every part of the country now due to the dry weather and shortage of water which is expected to be more in the near future. Different methods are being applied through the treatment plants to get maximum water from that and chlorination has been a successful medium of this process. With the time, new methods are being developed and now the PAA has also proven itself to be a better and a quicker option for the treatment.

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