Chemicals Flown into the Fishing Water: The Water Quality in Doubts!


According to the recent reports, a lot of pollution has been caused because of the fire that is burning for some time and is not yet extinguished till now. A planning is going on to lead a series of tests on the water that is flowing around the area of Bridgeport. The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is going to carry out the entire process.

A lot of water was needed to put it out because of the ferocity of the fire. There are huge concerns over it because there was a huge chemical waste poured into the Yellow Mill Channel. It is known that one of the items was, perfume but not if there was something else and as those items would go on to the Bridgeport Harbor with its final location being the Long Island Sound.

There has been a fishing ban, although the full extent of the issue is not yet known. The concerned areas are from the Bridgeport to the Fairfield town line and then further along the coast and it covers the Housatonic River. The possibility is that the issue may not be a major one, but there are enough doubts to impose the ban by the Department of Energy And Environmental Protection.

The initially imposed ban was much larger than the latest ban because the initial ban was covering a larger area that was covering the areas from the Norwalk and all the way down to Milford.


Some people are thinking that the ban is put on the rush because according to the Shelton locals, there was no intentions to keep the fish that were caught so, there would not be any health problems.

Most probably, there will not be any great deal of work to be carried out to improve the quality of the water and more likely, the chemicals will dissolve automatically if left for a short period of time.

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