Change In Water Consumer Behavior Through Consumer Empowerment


For many years, authorities have been trying to save water through awareness programs but all of the efforts could not create significant effects on the users but since the drought od California has entered into a severe situation, strictness has increased over the use of water and people are also understanding their role in the society by doing what has been asked them to do in order to save water for the long term. Homeowners have been given the new and improved usage statistics for water due to which consumer behavior has changed towards it.

Everyone is giving importance to the question that how much water is being used but according to Ian McLeod, who is the vice president of marketing with Master Meter, it is also necessary to compare your water usage with the neighbors. Suppose you are using 1000 gallons of water per week which is satisfactory and you are not wasting water but on the other hand, if an average use of water in your area is found to be around 500 or 600 gallons per week, you should improve your performance as well and compare with that average and try to lower down the use of water to that level.

Few customers who had already been obeying the orders given by the authorities to save water, had to face the problems like watching their neighbors involved in its wastage but they could not do anything. Now the customers have been empowered through different campaigns like “drought shaming” in which the people who waste water are captured and humiliated on social media. Now they are provided with a new app which is going to be launched very soon and through that customers can register a complaint against their neighbors who are found to be engaged in its wastage.

Empowerment of the customers continues with another app through which analysis of the consumption of water can be easily done. Customers must be aware about the usage of the water in their homes for particular activities or particular time. They must know that how much water is being used every hour, every day or every week even. They can know the usage of water during shower as well. They should collect as much data as they can regarding such activities, the understanding of their personal consumption will increase which would help them to cut the usage of water from certain things which are becoming a cause of its wastage.


This software is used to mitigate the effects of drought conditions in the state and can act as a cure to this problem and is known as “Harmony”. The data which customers will collect on the basis of hours or days will be processed into the software to analyze the results through an IBA analysis package.

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