Enter To Calottery Scratchers 2nd Chance


CA Lottery have recently announced new game of $20 one month ago and now they are allowing users to come and play to win prize. Customer lost their first chance to winning game can get 2nd chance to play the game and can win the prizes. You have to enroll in the scratchers 2nd chance to win easily. Now you can check your luck again by playing this again.

CA lottery is a lottery systems having aim to sponsor educations system and allowing to users to win prizes and ticket here. This services is allowing their all customers to check draw prizes and prize claiming any time. Here we are going to share with you the enrollment process for this program.

How to enter?

  • Go to this site calottery.com/replay to play again.
  • On the page see the button “sign in” , if you are already registered then just login here by adding email address and password then press sign in.
  • If you are not registered then click on “register now” link on the page.
  • Enter your full name, street addresses, zip code, city , state, contact number and date of birth into the respective boxes.
  • Enter your account information like email address and password into the relevant boxes to complete the registration.
  • Choose the other options and click on the button ‘Submit’ button.

Now you are registered and easy to play again to win prize that you missed already.


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