Calls Are Made For Changes in The European Arrest Warrant After King Family Imprisoned and Ill Child Left Alone in a Spanish Hospital


One of the most reported stories this week will have been the arresting of the parent of Aysha King after they removed him for a Southampton hospital and took him to Spain. While no one really knows what was discussed between the parents and staff regarding the treatment and whether the decision to leave was the best on the parents could have made it seems clear that there needs to be a change on policy when it comes to how this sort of situation is dealt with.

An international manhunt began as soon as the alarm was raised and then the most tragic event of all was that the parents were arrested and a sick five year old boy was left alone with no one he knew to visit him and staff speaking another language.

Reports have since come out that many think that the treatment has been unacceptable and the arguments that the law was being followed is not good enough.

While there could have been a sensitive approach it appears that there was not grey area seen and the law was followed to the letter.


It is reported that an unnamed judge from an EU country has spoken out about the use of the European Arrest Warrant claiming that it was meant to catch terrorists when there was suspicion of wrong doing but not proof. They added that it is not really fit for that purpose and certainly not for the situation where it was last used.

Blame is being laid at all doors and it will be interesting to follow the story over the next few weeks to see the outcome. The Southampton hospital was criticised for its actions leading to the incident, the Hampshire Police for following the route they did without any investigation and the Spanish authorities for both splitting up the family in the way they did and imprisoning the parents.

Immediately backtracking Hampshire police claimed that laws had not been broken and charges would not be brought. It is wondered why David Cameron had to get involved in order for the Kings to be set free and united with their son.

It is now that there needs to be a further look at the European Arrest Warrant and changes made to the policy surrounding its implementation. It has been referred to as Draconian and alien to the system of justice that expects fairness and compassion.

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