California, New Water Conservation Strategy


On Wednesday, the California Governor Jerry Brown declared new strategic plan for the conservation of the water in the country. The California is already facing four pathetic years without the rainfall and with the excessive droughts in the city, it is already damaging the human life in the city. Various strategic plans and tools are used to protect the water for the future. According to the NASA report the land of the California will unable to save plenty of water for the coming years.

The California Governoral ready predicted so many plans to protect the water.He has also restricted the city of excessive use of the water in their daily use. The restrictions have made several thefts by the farmers to save their fields which are important for the growth of the economy. Several schools are introducing the drills for the conservation of the water through the powerful ideas. Now the new plan is announced the legislation on the Tuesday which would authorize the penalties with the higher cost which is almost more than $10,000 per day.The charge bill is for those who waste the water on the daily basis and it could affect the conservation plan in the city. He allowed the local authorities that they could charge the residents of their area with this amount in case, the rules are broken by the people of the country. It is the major requirement for the water conservation plan.

The Governor has announced the new law in a meeting with the mayors of the California, which covered the many areas of the Bay Area. The meeting agenda was to discuss the drought conditions and how they would face the situation in the coming years.

The new law is proposed and approved by all the Mayors of the city which show that the new charge amount of waste the water is more than the $10,000 per day for violating the law and going against the strategic plans of the water conservation in the city. This is a fast increase of the amount $500 which would be paid per day and it is the maximum charge as compare to the last year’s policy on the drought conditions.


In addition, to the policy, it also allows the retail and the wholesale agencies of the water, which are part of the government of the country and a city to apply the state and the local restrictions on those who violate this legislation. The penalties would be charged after the warnings which would be given to the people who go against the restrictions which are implemented by the Governor.

Those fines which would be charged from the residents would be used for the efforts which are made to conserve the water in the country by the authorities which worked locally in the California. This legislation is implemented from the office of the Governor Jen. Brown. He has also ordered his staff to observe the water conservation plans which are implemented through the projects and the tools in the country.

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