Buy Walmart Clearance Items Online


The Walmart is the American biggest store which deals in plenty of products like bags, home décor and other products.

Steps to Purchase

  • Visit the url to start your purchase from the website.
  • The link to the page will display all the products which are offered by the company for the consumers. You need to select the products from the available lists as displayed and to proceed the buying process of these products.
  • When they user clicked on this selected product images which they need to purchase online from the website, it opens a new page which requires more information to purchase the product.
  • To add more features in your selected product, now choose the sizes of the product of which you want to purchase. These are available in the Large, Small and medium sizes.
  • Choose the color of your selection from the available icons of the colors which change as you select them. It also includes the texture or pattern styles if it is available on your selected product.
  • After the color selection, now add the number of items which you want on this product. You can add the quantity of this product after selecting from the quantity menu. This means that how many products of the same type you want to purchase from the store.
  • Check at the top of this feature page, you could see the amount which would be added as your selected the more features such as colors and quantity for this selected product. This is an easy way to get the exact cost of the product at the end.
  • If you are satisfied with all the selected options which you used in the buying of your product, then click the “add to cart” button. This will open the summary of your selected product where you could see the color, size, quantity and cost of the product.
  • You could also find the related products which other customers prefer to purchase with this selected product. Either directly clicked them and add to your shopping basket or could shopped them later.
  • The right side of the window has a View Cart option with the Check Out. This is based either you want to pay for this product or could check the previous products which are still waiting for the purchase of the company. Select the checkout option to proceed the payment step of this selected product.
  • Complete the whole process by providing the payment details in the related fields.

Your order will be delivered at your doorstep in a suitable day and time.

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